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Fonden Fabrikken Kunsten for art & design (Copenhague), Kærbyskolen school & Museum of Modern Art (Aalborg), Danemark, 2019

In June of 2019, artist Alice Hamon invited two groups of students from Kærbyskolen to explore the landscape and the view or perspective from Kunsten in Aalborg in collaboration with the museum. The students were encouraged to consider the view or perspective both formally or factually, and as a something more personal as a look, a thought, or a gesture.

The project was presented to the students as a process with the purpose of discovering chalk as painting. Chalk is a powder, which can be used to prime a painted surface like a canvas, and which marks as well as erases.
During the workshop, the students experimented with various tools and approaches in order to examine concepts like perception, representation, time, and scale.